Meeting of the Camillian Charismatic Family 2019

Which Camillian Prophecy Today? Between the Past…the Present…and the Future. Prophecy…between the Samaritan Woman and the Samaritan

Rome, 10-14 march 2019


Theme of the Logo


The Red Cross: the large red cross, which was left to us as a bequest by our Saint Father Camillus, indicates the Camillian identity. This is the cross that unites the whole of the Camillian family. This is the Cross that sustains every one of our works and our apostolate. The Camillian Cross is at the centre of the design of the logo in order to give relevance to our precious charism: to care for the sick with the heart of a Mother.

The two hands: 1) the yellow hand: this comes out of an opening of the Cross itself. It is the hand of God and the colour yellow indicates the royalty of God. This hand is raised upwards in order to represent the hand of the Samaritan who is ready to raise up those who have fallen down. 2) The blue hand: this represents humanity with all of the weakness and the frailty of the Samaritan woman of the gospel. It is turned downwards to where there is a request for help from above.

We Camillians are called by the Good Samaritan to be his hands – hands which, strengthened by divine grace, raise up the hands of the Samaritan woman which need attention and affection.

The green little branch bent into a round form represents the world, and its five leaves represent the five Institutes of the Camillian family who work together for one purpose alone: ‘to care for bodies in order to save souls’. The little branch cannot grow on its own, it needs the water that it draws from the Cross, and the lymph that flows within it is the same lymph that reaches the five leaves, which are continually growing. The colour green indicates the Hope that is essential to the fulfilment of the Prophecy of the project of God for us. The green also indicates continuity between the past, the present and the future.