14 July 2022 – Homily of the Superior General

On Thursday, 14 July 2022, on the feast of St. Camillus de Lellis, in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Campo Marzio, the new Superior General, Fr. Pedro Tramontin, presided over the solemn Eucharistic celebration.

P. Pedro thanked God for having given us St. Camillus, for his story of conversion and for the example he left us.

He dwelt on the concept of holiness, which is the incarnation in history of the proclamation of Jesus. The Superior emphasised that: “In contemplating the lives of the saints we discover that there are three constants: a deep love for Sacred Scripture, for the Eucharist and for humanity. In their lives, Christ became the centre of everything. This was also the case for Saint Camillus. His life as an adventurous boy who was touched by the grace of God and who little by little allowed himself to be sculpted, moulded.

St Camillus was a saint of his time,’ Fr Pedro continued, ‘Camillus embodied the contrast of his time. He was rich and poor, noble and disinherited, sinner and believer. He proved to be a genius in understanding and practising charity. While suffering infirmity in his body, he proved capable of supporting the weakness and infirmity of others. He was a humble and convinced accuser of himself while being exalted by those around him. He became and remains a Saint and a Benefactor for Humanity.

He was a great reformer because he reformed the way of looking at the sick. He left us written rules on how to care for them, he taught us that we must heal the wounds of the body and also the wounds of the soul. He taught us to look at human need.”

The Superior General concluded with a wish: “Our wish today is that those who know him, who know his life and his story may find inspiration and that they may follow Jesus by loving their brothers and sisters, especially those who are sick and in need.”