Newsletter N. 66 – The Camillian World Seen from Rome…and Rome seen from the world

Newsletter 66 January 2020

Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the 28th World Day of the Sick 2020  (11 February 2020)
“Come to me, all you who labour and are burdened, and I will give you rest” (Mt 11:28)

Dear brothers and sisters,

1. Jesus’ words, “Come to me, all you who labour and are burdened, and I will give you rest” (Mt 11:28) point to the mysterious path of grace that is revealed to the simple and gives new strength to those who are weary and tired. These words of Christ express the solidarity of the Son of Man with all those who are hurt and afflicted. How many people suffer in both body and soul! Jesus urges everyone to draw near to him – “Come to me!” – and he promises them comfort and repose. “When Jesus says this, he has before him the people he meets every day on the streets of Galilee: very many simple people, the poor, the sick, sinners, those who are marginalized by the burden of the law and the oppressive social system… These people always followed him to hear his word, a word that gave hope! Jesus’ words always give hope!” (Angelus, 6 July 2014).



Revised during the Convention of CSI Directors and Administrators on September 16, 2019, at Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The Order of the Ministers of the Infirm (Camillians) was founded by St. Camillus de Lellis to witness and exercise the mercy Christ to those who suffer from illnesses, especially to the most vulnerable. The Order which has, “as its purpose, complete service to the sick person in the totality of his being” (Const. 43),  realizes this mission through a variety of services and ministries inspired by a holistic vision of the human person. Among the multiple forms of the exercise of the Camillian ministry are the Camillian Socio-health Institutions (CSIs) owned and/or managed by the Order.


This is the time of … the PROVINCIAL CHAPTERS

Provincia Thailandese

Anche in Thailandia è iniziato il Capitolo provinciale con la presenza del Delegato Vietnamita.

Galleria fotografica




Delegazione a Taiwan

Si è tenuto il capitolo provinciale con le relative relazioni economiche del 2020. Hanno partecipato 14 religiosi.





The Province of North Italy

The Provincial Chapter was held at Villa Sacro Cuore, Triuggio (MB), on 13-17 January and witnessed the participation of the Vicar General of the Order, Fr. Laurent Zoungrana.





The Province of Sicily and Naples

  The Provincial Capital took place on 13-17 January and witnessed the participation of His Excellency Msgr. Paolo Urso and the member of the General Conusulta of the Order, Fr. Felice De Miranda.




The Province of Spain

     The Provincial Chapter was held in the new St. Camillus Hall (Plaza San Camilo) of the Centre for Religious Assistance of Tres Cantos. Seventeen religious from the Province of Spain and the Delegation of Argentina were present. This was an opportunity to ‘see, judge and practise’ the life of the Province, as was pointed out by the Delegate General, José Carlos Bermejo, in his initial greetings. The Provincial Chapter witnessed the participation of the member of the General Consulta and the financial administrator of the Order, Br. José Ignacio Santaolalla.


The Province of Benin Togo

    The first Provincial Chapter of the new Camillian Province of Benin-Togo took place at the community of Segbanou on 3-7 January of this year and witnessed the presence of the Secretary General of the Order, Fr. Gianfranco Lunardon, and the member of the General Consulta, Fr. Felice de Miranda.


The Province of Burkina Faso

     On 8-10 January 2020, the Camillian Province of Burkina Faso celebrated its second Provincial Chapter at the St. Camillus Hospital of Ouagadougou. The subject of the Chapter was: ‘Which Prophecy of the Camillan Charism in the Ecclesial and Socio-Health-Care Context of our Country Burkina Faso’. The member of the General Consulta Fr. Aris Miranda was present on behalf of the Order. Continue here

The Province of France

The Camillians of the Province of France met for their Provincial Chapter in Lyons on 18-21 November 2019. On behalf of the General Consulta of the Order, the Secretary General Fr. Gianfranco Lunardon was present at the Chapter


The Province of Rome

  The Camillian religious of the Province of Rome celebrated their Provincial Chapter on 13-17 January 2020 at the ‘Nicola d’Onofrio’ Centre of Spirituality in Bucchianico. The Secretary General Fr. Gianfranco Lunardon was present on behalf of the General Consulta of the Order.

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Art Therapy Elders Korat


The St. Francis Garden is a one year old garden located in a four rai land in the area of the Home For The Aged Ratchasima where the Art-Gallery-Elders is also functioning.

The threes, the flowers, the green area with colors, perfumes and emotions give to all of us a meaning in our everyday life and help us to face a future with serenity and peace even when sometimes the anxiety, fear and distress try to possess us and overcome our life.

In the Garden of St Francis there is also a vegetable and fruit garden,with fountains, windmill, poyand with fishes, and confortable paths to walk around. Wheel chairs can easily reach all the corners of the garden. READ MORE

The ‘LA TENDA DI CRISTO’ Association (Fortaleza – Juarez)

  Father Zambotti has asked for help for the communities for minors in Brazil and Mexico. ‘With only 25 euros a month we will have substantial help to send to every young person that is helped’ RIVAROLO DEL RE (12 January 2020) – Helping, through distance adoptions, about fifty children supported by the Tenda di Cristo in the Brazilian communities of San Paolo and Fortaleza and the Mexican community of Juarez. This goal was launched by Father Francesco Zambotti in  the columns of the calendar for 2020 for communities for drug addicts, AIDS patients, children and others belonging to the categories of the ‘least’ founded by this Camillian religious. The commitment requested is 25 euros a month, with which it will be possible to cover all the costs of maintenance, instruction and treatment for children in need.

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Every Saturday of every month the religious of Camillian Pastoral Care for Young People of the Province of North Italy await you in our Church of St. Joseph in Turi together with the Fraternità Evangelii Gaudium! Don’t fail to come!

Watch the video here

The channel  Pastorale Giovanile Camilliana – Provincia Nord Italiana (‘Camillian Pastoral Care for Young People – the Province of North Italy’) has been up and running since a short time ago on YouTube.

Father Nicola relates his vocation in the review IL MIO PAPA


  Let us be immediately clear: no evidence of any miracle must be sent to the Congregation of Saints in Rome for the required assessment. However, what we are speaking about could equally be defined as a miracle because it was provided after forty years of insistent demands. Unfortunately, various people who had awaited this ‘miracle’ are no longer alive, they had the time to grow old…and die.

The miracle is the following: after forty years of beseeching, the road that leads to the hospital of Tabaka in the diocese of Kisii (Kenya) has been tarmacked! It is a stretch of only five kilometres and goes from Nyachenge to the village of Tabaka. It is indeed a mountain road which has a steep incline but this was not the problem making it a difficult road to travel down. The problem was another – the rain! When it rained, the road became impassable because of its slippery surface, made up of red earth, which when mixed with water became a great soapy sludge which meant that cars slid all over the place, often ending up of their own accord in one of the drainage ditches on either side of the road. How often did Fr. Mario Cattaneo receive urgent calls to drag an unfortunate car out of a ditch into which it had slithered. He had to take the van from the hospital, arm himself with a rope and set out, whether by day or night, to rescue the poor driver. READ MORE

The Camillian Delegation of Kenya

On 9 February 2020 at the St. Camillus Seminary a Nairobi the priestly ordination of our confrere Paul Kioko Sammy will take place, together with the ordination as deacons of Dominic Misaro Maranga and Charles Njue Njega





On the hills of Soave the walking event of Monteforte d’Alpone on 19 January 2020 near Verona.

‘On Sunday 19 January there will be the forty-fifth walking event that will set off from Monteforte d’Alpone. Every year this walk has thousands of participants thanks to its rich programme of physical exercise discovering the splendid hills of Soave. Runs, walks, trails, in competitive and non-competitive versions. This event offers pathways suited to every level of experience’.

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  The Province of Burkina Faso celebrated the ordination as deacons of five Camillian religious: one from the Province of Burkina Faso and four from the Camillian Delegation in Haiti. The celebration was presided over by Msgr. Prosper Kontiebo and took place in the Camillian children’s centre of Ouagadougou.





   The beginning of Advent in our community in Taiwan was celebrated with the lighting of the lights of the Christmas tree.

The new priest from Vietnam, Liou Yi Ching, obtained a missionary visa in order to return to Taiwan to help our community.

Pictures of our holy Christmas in the company of the children of our centre.

On 20 December we began the celebrations for holy Christmas in the garden of the St. Camillus Centre together with its members (children and elderly people). In the afternoon, two baptisms were celebrated, one in the centre for the disabled and the other in the centre for palliative care. In the evening, on the other hand, a religious ceremony took place for the staff of the hospital – over 1,200 people took part in this.

   During the Christmas period the catechists of our centre accompanied thirty students in visits to the twelve churches that are in the hands of the Camillians in Lotung.

On 23 December we celebrated a Holy Mass for the staff of the hospital and the centre for the disabled.

On 24-25 December we celebrated a number of baptisms: on 24 December in the church dedicated to St. Camillus for a student of the Nursing College and four faithful of the parish of Lotung; on 25 December two young people from Yuanshan.



  On 17 January at the ducal palace of Lucca a plaque was unveiled in memory of the birth of the Blessed Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini.




On 12 January, the temporary religious profession of Luisa Calabrese took place.








The Daughters of St. Camillus of the community of Arequipa (Peru) organised, together with the ‘St. Giuseppina Vannini Adult’s group (Grupo Adulto Mayor Santa Josefina Vannini) of the Buen Pastor Parish, a very fine Christmas with the participation of all the faithful and their families, sharing songs, dances and a very good snack, with presents handed over by Father Christmas to grandparents.

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During the retreat of Advent our confrere Marco Ricci received the ministry of an acolyte.








Order and precision are essential in transforming – thanks to the application of extremely rigorous and specifically studied standard operational procedures – active and excipient principles into high quality medical products. This is the challenge that every day, including Saturdays, since last 19 December five girls have faced up to in the laboratory dedicated to Father Luigi Tezza of the Saint Camille Hospital of Port-au-Prince.

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Maumere (Agenzia Fides) – The Island of Flores recently celebrated the ordination of its first Camillian priest. After ten years of presence in Indonesia, the Ministers of the Sick (MI) have their first priest. Father Mensianus Aman was ordained a priest together with six young Carmelites by Bishop Msgr. Edwaldus Martinus Sedu in the parish of Maulo which forms a part of the diocese of Maumere on the Island of Flores. Father Luigi Galvani, a pioneer of the Camillian mission on the Island of Flores, informed Agenzia Fides of the news

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At that specific instant. Background to a reportage in Kenya by Guillermo Luna

In quel preciso istante. Retroscena di un reportage in Kenya. by Guillermo Luna, Edizioni Il Galeone (‘At that Specific Instant. Background to a Reportage in Kenya’, by Guillermo Luna, published by Il Galeone)

The famous Cuban photographer Alberto Korda, when relating the moment when he took the picture of ‘Che’, one of the most emblematic photographs of the twentieth century, said: ‘when I was engaged in panning with my camera, which is something we photographers do, Che appeared in my field of vision. I clicked, without thinking about cleaning the shutter, with my finger, and there it was: vision, mind, heart…click! I was able to take two photographs. And in two hundred and fiftieths of a second it remained the most famous picture in the history of photography. CONTINUE HERE



Download here CrossOver – Quarterly Bulletin, n. 17 October-December 2019









See, now they vanish, the faces and places, with the self which, as it could, loved them. To become renewed, transfigured, in another pattern’ (T.S. Eliot).

The Camillian religious of the Province of Sicily and Naples have announced the death of Fr. Giuseppe Jacona (born: 22.01.1942; religious profession: 08.09.1961; priestly ordination: 28.06.1970). His death took place on 28 December 2019 at our Camillian community of the Istituto ‘Giovanni XXIII’ of Mangano (Catania). READ MORE






   On 7 January 2020 the death took place of Fr. Hubert Jean Emile Lepargneur (at the age of 94). It occurred at the St. Camillus Hospital of Granja Viana, San Paolo (Brazil). READ MORE






     The Camillian religious of the Province of Rome have announced the death of their confrere Fr. Gaetano De Sanctis (born: 12.08.1937; religious profession: 07.10.1956; priestly ordination: 18.03.1964). His death took place on 12 December 2019 at our Camillian community of Bucchianico (CH).





     The Camillian religious of the Province of Poland have announced the death of their confrere Fr. Piotr Długołęcki (at the age of 62). His death took place on 13 January 2020 at the St. Camillus Hospital of Tarnowskie Góry (Poland). OBITUARY







The Camillian religious of the Province of North Italy have announced the death of their confrere Fr. Mario Bizzotto (at the age of 85). His death took place on 16 January 2020 at the hospital of Negrar (Verona).

The Daughters of St. Camillus have announced the death of Sr. Bernharda Sievert which took place on 4 January 2020 at the community of Asbach in Germany. Sr. Bernharda was 78 and had spent 54 years as a woman religious. We thank the Lord for the gift of her life, offered with joy to the service of the community and sick people. READ MORE

Now they live in Christ whom they met in the Church, followed in our vocation, and served in the sick and the suffering. Trusting that the Lord, the Holy Virgin our Queen, St. Camillus, the Blessed Luigi Tezza, the Blessed Giuseppina Vannini, the Blessed Enrico Rebuschini and the Blessed Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini and our deceased religious brothers and sisters, will welcome them in their midst, we commend them in our prayers, remembering them with affection, esteem and


For all the victims of all types of disasters, for people who have lost their lives, for their loved ones, for the survivors, and for all those who work to provide help, we pray:

God in heaven, who has created and who preserves every existence,

You know all of our sadness and our suffering. May all the victims of all types of disasters be welcomed in your peace! Receive, we pray, in your mercy, our very many brothers and sisters buried by the forces unleashed by nature. Lead them to your home!

Comfort the pain of so many families, dry the tears of so many