50 Years of Presence of the Ministers of the Sick (Sisters) in Thailand

On 9th and the 15th March, the Ministers of the Sick (Camillian Sisters) wanted to solemnly celebrate half a century of presence in Thai soil at their central headquarters in Ban Pon Ratchaburi.

On the 9th, a commemorative party was carefully organized with the presence of many benefactors and friends, culminating in the solemn celebration of the Holy Mass presided over by the Bishop of Ratchaburi, Mons. Silvio Siripon Charatsri, and concelebrated by the Apostolic Nuncio Mons. Peter Brayan Wells. Before the Holy Mass, the Sisters gave a brief chronicle from their arrival to the various achievements of today in favor of the smallest and abandoned.

During the celebration, Bishop Mons. Silvio Siripon expressed great gratitude and appreciation for the presence and activity of the Sisters. At the end of the celebration, there were also appreciations from the Apostolic Nuncio Mons. Peter Brayan Wells.
Almost all the Camillian confreres were also present.

On the 15th, a grand celebration was organized exclusively among the Ministers of the Sick. This was very appreciated by all the Camillian confreres who showed their joy for this fraternal encounter and offered gifts, hoping to reciprocate the courtesy on the next occasion, continuing in collaboration.

The Provincial Superior Father Paolo Cerdchai Lertjitlekha presided over the Eucharistic celebration, after which there was a brief chronicle about the collaboration between the Camillians and the Ministers of the Sick Sisters, songs performed as a thanksgiving, and a mutual exchange of compliments. The Confreres were almost all present, as were the Sisters, and the pleasure of being together and of this mutual sharing was felt.

Of course, there was also lunch, prepared with great dedication by the Sisters themselves, and the commemorative cake to conclude the event. We thank the Lord for this beautiful day of fraternity, and we wish all the Sisters every good so that they can develop their presence and testify to God’s love to all the brothers and sisters in need.

Fr. Sante Tocchetto MI