Camillians in Karungu end of 25th anniversary celebrations

The feast of St. Camillus De Lellis was celebrated on Sunday 15th July 2018 at St. Camillus Mission Hospital – Karungu. The same occasion marked the conclusion of the commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the presence of Camillians in Karungu (1993 – 2018). The occasion also presented an opportunity to welcome the 7 novices to Karungu community.

The occasion was blessed with different guests; Representing the Camillian family included; Fr. Dominic Mwanzia, the provincial Delegate of Camillians in Kenya, Fr. Emilio Balliana, the Director of St. Camillus Mission – Karungu, Br. Bonaventure Muswi, Fr. Paul Guarise – Novices Master, Fr. John Kariuki, Fr. Reuben Njagi from Tabaka – Kisii, Br. Dominic Misaro and Br. Evans Juma. The Passionist were well represented by Fr. Claudio Moscatelli and Br. Maurice Omollo. Blessed Virgin sisters from Kiranda led by Mother Superior, Sister Agnes Kwamboka and Sr. Lucia from Sacramentine sisters in Rongo were also present.

St. Camillus Mission Hospital and Dala Kiye staffs were in-attendance. Others included Dala Kiye foster children, B.L.Tezza Complex primary special children and their teachers, B.L.Tezza Complex secondary students and all invited guests and community members.

The celebration started at 10.00 AM with a Holy Mass celebration presided over by Fr. Dominic Mwanzia. The lead choir was B.L.Tezza secondary school students with Lay Camillians being the backup singers. The liturgical dancers included Dala Kiye foster children and B.L.Tezza complex secondary girls. In his sermon, Fr. Dominic urged the congregation to uphold the good work of St. Camillus De Lellis. He also highlighted dedication to service by all and called on collaboration from all stakeholders for successful service delivery.

After the Holy Mass celebration, there were speeches from key figures that were present and played important roles during the setup of St. Camillus Mission Hospital and its sister institutions 25years ago in Karungu. Fr. Claudio played a role in bringing the Camillians from Tabaka and convincing them to start a Mission in Karungu. In his speech, Fr. Claudio narrated how he brought Fr. Emilio and Br. Valentino to Karungu. The two were first accommodated in Kiranda Parish where Sister Agnes minded their wellbeing. By that time, the area currently occupied by St. Camillus Mission Hospital was a desert. Fr. Claudio thanked the Camillians for heeding his call to come and help the people of Karungu.

Sister Agnes – Mother superior from Kiranda recalled on her first interaction with the Camillians on their arrival in Karungu. By then the Blessed Virgin sisters were running a nursery and a

primary school and so the arrival of the Camillians was God sent and they could attend to the health needs of the children. Other guests who gave speeches were members of local provincial administration who promised to collaborate closely with institutions of St. Camillus.

Entertainments crowned the beautiful speeches. Dala Kiye foster children presented a Luo folk song and a Ugandan traditional dance in praise of the Camillians’ role in health and education support. B.L.Tezza special school children also presented a Giriama traditional dance (a traditional dance from the coastal region of Kenya)

All people who attended the feast enjoyed lunch at different places for different groups; the hospital and Dala Kiye staffs had their lunch at the hospital canteen, Dala Kiye children, their foster mothers and children from the special school enjoyed their lunch in Dala Kiye dining hall. All invited guests accompanied the Camillian religious family at the religious community dining hall where they joined in cutting of a cake which was beautifully decorated with the words; “25 years in Karungu”.