Christmas 2023: Message of the Superior General

Dear confreres,
I greet you on my behalf, on behalf of the general consulta, and the members of the Santa Maria Maddalena community, our general house, here in Rome.

This year, once again, we have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas, an opportunity to renew our faith in our God “who became man and dwelt among us.”

I would like to emphasize a particular aspect that draws my attention regarding the birth of Jesus. God’s sign is the child in his humility and simplicity. The God who comes is small and fragile so that we can understand, welcome, and love him. Jesus, born humble and poor, inspires us, challenges us, and calls us to follow him and collaborate in transforming the present world into a more just and fraternal one.
During this year, we the general consulta had the opportunity to visit some of our provinces, delegations, and missions, and we witness how you live out the charism of mercy towards the sick and the needy.

I can say that your dedication, your commitment in serving those who suffer, is a bright testimony of love and compassion. This is the mystery of the Incarnation, which calls us to follow in the footsteps of St. Camillus, our founder, who knew how to embody the Gospel of charity in his life and mission.

We have seen the beauty of our charism and the generosity that characterizes your work. Your daily efforts, offering care and comfort to those in greatest need, are a beacon of hope that illuminates the darkness of suffering and makes us Ministers of the Sick, signs of God’s merciful love.

I take this opportunity to thank each of you: for your consecration, for your ministry, for the inspiration, and for contributing to the good of the Order and the Church. I hope that you continue to witness to the world, with joy and hope, the blessing that the Christmas celebration brings us.

I wish you and your communities a peaceful Christmas, full of moments of sharing and fraternity, and a New Year filled with achievements and blessings.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Fr. Pedro Tramontin MI