Meeting of the Regional Formation Secretaries

Fr. Baby Ellickal, general consultor for formation, organized a meeting of the regional formation secretaries, on November 28, 2023, via Zoom. The participants included Fr. Baby Ellickal (General Consulta), regional secretaries: Fr. Joey Woothichai (Asia), Fr. Jean Dieudonne Bei (West Africa), Fr. Sergio Palumbo (Europe), and Fr. Fredrick Mukabana (East Africa).
The points of discussions and sharing included:
• to establish a Camillian Vocation Day;
• to organise various regional level gatherings for the young camillian religious, for the temporary professed, for all regional formation secretaries, for the formation secretaries, for all the formators and vocation animators;
• to organize a one-month ‘spirituality and charism’ course at Bucchianico;
• to create a unified ‘reporting format’ for all the formators in the Order;
• to establish effective communication among secretaries, formators and vocation animators;
• to organize on-going formation programmes at regional levels.