New Postulants for the Province of Sicily and Naples

postu3On 9 October, at the ‘Nicola D’Onofrio’ Studentate of Acireale (Sicily), the pathway of the postulancy began for four young men of South Italy: Luca Apreda, Francesco Patti, Salvatore Barbagallo and Domenico Marino. Welcomed by the head of the postulancy, Br. Carlo Mangione, the new postulants will have the help of a qualified team coordinated by Br. Carlo and made up of Fr. Hubert Goudjinou (the master of postulants in Rome as well), Fr. Vincenzo Di Blasi and Fr. Luigi Maglione. The four candidates already come from an itinerary of discernment that was engaged in during the months of January/July 2016 – the ‘Come and See’ experience. This first year will be strictly linked to a full immersion in Camillian spirituality and ministry that will take place in Camillian social/health-care works in the local area of Acireale.

To Luca, Francesco, Salvatore, Domenico and the team for formation we wish a fruitful pathway of strong faith, inexhaustible hope, and industrious charity!

Alfredo M. Tortorella