Our Order at the International Exhibition of Milan of 1906

1906_Silver_Medal_Milan_International_ExhibitionTo meet the wishes of His Eminence Cardinal Ferrari, namely that all religious Congregations should take part in the International Exhibition of Milan in 1906, on the initiative of Fr. Endirizzi, who at that time was the Prefect of the House of Milan, our Order was also represented at this exhibition. In the section on Italians abroad, Fr. Endirizzi exhibited the following:

1) A large album of photographs of our House of Health for Alcoholics in Werden.

2) A large photograph of the same house in an elegant frame.

3) Some bottles of a liqueur produced by our religious in France before the religious persecution in that country – Esterel.

On 13 March, the Prefect of Milan, Fr. P. F. Piazza, went to receive the Diploma of Honour with a bronze medal that had been awarded to us. The diploma was awarded in the following terms: ‘International Exhibition of Milan 1906 under the high patronage of His Majesty the King of Italy – Exhibition Italians Abroad – the Jury – awards – a bronze medal – to the Order of Clerics Regular – the Ministers of the Sick (Camillians).

We here reproduce the medal in its original size. The words inscribed on the obverse of the medal are easy to read. However, it is difficult to read the words of the phrase in the top left of the reverse of the medal: ‘Labor scientae auxilio gloriam consequitur’. These are words that explain the symbolism on the medal of personified science who kisses a workman on his temple because the Simplon Tunnel had constituted one of the greatest works that science, helped by labour, had been able to achieve.