Solemn profession in the Assen community

Coming March 19, 2021 (Friday), our 2 confreres in Essen Community, Fr. Dietmar Weber & Bro. Hans Georg Berens, will celebrate their golden anniversary of their religious profession.

Inasmuch as we wanted to organize a big celebration, we are hindered to do so because of the present COVID-19 situation. However, we planned to celebrate it simply and meaningfully in our small community. We will be together in the afternoon (3:00 PM) for a sumptuous snacks, and in the evening (7:15 PM) we will celebrate the Holy Mass in our Prayer Room.

Let us remember them on this special day with hopes and prayers. May our Founder St. Camillus continue to inspire them. May our Good Lord bless them for more years of service in His vineyard.