1st May 2014

IMG_8495As previously mentioned we had planned to visit 4 Places for assessment which was later changed since there was already other NGO’s present there. We received this information from the village district committee and they gave us 7 places – Taple, Namjung, Manakamana, Gyachchowk, Bhumlichowk, Bakrang, Bungkot.

The same teams formed except for few change left for assessment. I along with Thomas from Caritas Austria and local guides went to Manakamana and Bakrang.


There were no roads and we have to walk for an hour to reach Manakamana village where it was badly hit.
– there are 200 people in this area
– All the houses were partially damaged. The roofs were intact but the side walls were partially damaged. There was a concrete house and most of residents were staying inside that house. Others were staying at their own houses inspire of the cracks and damage. We asked if provided with tents wil they use it but instead they said they just wanted their house reconstructed. The governanrnt has provided few tents as well but we didn’t find any tents set up.

Food was distributed by the government which were biscuits and noodles. They were also able to save little bit of the food grains stored. They said they have food for next 10 days but after that they are not sure how to survive. They have clean water available .
– Medical concern. Apparently there was none hurt and no injuries in this village. They are not in need of any medical assistance. There is no illness or diseases spread in these areas.

– Sanitation is pretty good here. They have built their own structure and has ensured that it does not spread any illness.
– Livelihood: they are basically farmers and their field is very much intact and safe from any kind of destruction. They grow maize. Few people are also labourers and still work for the nearby village. Most of the younger population works outside Nepal and only their wives are present here in nepal.


IMG_8500There are 800 houses in Entire Bakrang and 300 houses were completely destroyed. We had visited ward 5 and 6 and almost all the houses are complete destroyed there. Few people stay on open areas with no tent or tarpaulins.
The government officials have distributed only 100 tarpaulins so far. They are in urgent need of tents and ISO mats. It also raining some days.

I was able to get list of people who has lost their house and has given CRS the same. they have taken into consideration the list since we have not done anything so far and they have their Materials already at Kathmandu. They will start distributing once they verify the list and register the benefaciries.

Now if you can see that the people here are mostly concentrating on the shelter kits and wash kits to distribute immediately. Hence it was discussed between Caritas India and CTF that we will meet the health department today and get list of injured and the location of highly injured. Apparently there is not much information on the epicentre Barpak. Hence we are trying to get more information on Barpak in terms of medical concerns. I will be henceforth concentrating on medical concern alone and will try to get more data from the my meeting with health authorities today.
Best Regards,

Royce Abraham