CADIS: Corona Care

Dear Friends,

Greetings in these troubled times of Corona Virus.

With the death toll now reaching over 3000, confirmed cases over 95.000, and keeps increasing each hour, it is declared a global emergency by WHO.

Everyone is in panic mode. Various countries are under high stress—people struggling for correct answers and solutions.

In this context, there is a need to respond. ANY RESPONSE IS BETTER THAN NO RESPONSE!

Therefore, we joined CORONA CARE a call center facility for anyone who wants to talk about the coronavirus over phone or internet. It may be infected people looking for comfort and support. It may be people with fear and suspicion about their condition or someone known to them. People need various kinds of information – medical information, travel information, policy information, and so on.

This platform has ample credible information possible from every side. Importantly we will create a facility for people to call and talk. It may be a counseling session that people need. We can also have them available in different languages. See

Presently, Camillian Disaster Service International (CADIS), Catholic Hospital Association of India, Sister Doctors Forum of India, Social Workers Forum, etc. are member organizations. Billion Lives is the tech partner who has provided the platform and is taking care of all its functions on a pro bono basis.

We are looking for more global reach and volunteers (psychologists, social workers, spiritual directors, priests, sisters, religious, etc.). We will be glad to have you as one of the volunteers in this call center facility. We just need your available time, competence, a listening ear, and above all, your love and care for those who are affected by COVID 19.

We would also like to have medical professionals who could be part of this initiative. I understand physicians are already stretched too much at work. But in a global health tragedy, it is essential to contribute the best we can. We can also have social workers, psychiatrists, and counselors  in this team who could be available.

If you are available, click this link and sign up. If you have some questions, please send it to this email: arismir @

I am thanking you for not letting this opportunity to be of service in this moment of fear and distress!