The opening of the golden jubilee of the juvenat Saint Camille of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)


On Friday 2 February 2018, the Juvénat Saint Camille (editor’s note: minor seminary) solemnly inaugurated its golden jubilee in the presence of Fr. Gaétan Kaborè, the Provincial Superior (who is currently in Dakar for a meeting with the major Superiors of other religious institutes), and many Camillian religious and faithful (former students, parents of those studying at the seminary, internal and external students, and some faithful who celebrate the Eucharist in our chapel).

The Holy Mass was presided over by Fr. Jean Paul Ouedraogo who in recent years was a provider of formation at the Juvénat.

The celebration experienced three important moments: the ceremony of the opening of the golden jubilee, the celebration of the Eucharist and the awarding of prizes to three people who had formerly worked for the Juvénat.


The ceremony of the opening of the golden jubilee of the Juvénat

This moment was organised in the form of a para-liturgy. Fr. Elie Bouda, the first member of the council of the community of the Juvénat, greeted all those present and explained the various stages of the celebration.

The lighting of the candles in connection with the liturgical events that we are celebrating today (2 February): the presentation  of Jesus at the temple, the conversion of St. Camillus and the opening of the golden jubilee.

The offering of incense as a sign of our offering to the Lord of the various events that we must follow today and during the time of the jubilee.

At the end, awards were given to three people have worked for the Juvénat for a number of years and are now retiring.

A short history of the Juvénat Saint Camille.

In1966 the first missionaries arrived in Alto Volta (now Burkina Faso). After the creation of the St. Camillus Parish which took place in 1967, the St. Camillus Dispensary was founded in July 1968 and in September 1968 the Juvénat came into existence. From the first kind of vocational formation there came the first Camillian of Burkina Faso, Fr. François Sedego, the former Vice-Provincial Superior and parish priest of the St. Camillus Parish.

The third moment of the celebration was the ceremony to honour the three distinguished people who had worked for the Juvénat and have now retired: Mr. Felix Marie Ouedraogo (a retired pensioner who worked for 36 years at the Juvénat); Mr. Bartolomeo Zongo, a former supervisor who worked for 27 year with the Camillians; and Mr. Jean Ouedraogo, a former cook who has now completed 24 years of service. Each one of these distinguished pensioners received an award, a medal of honour, and a ‘tip’ in the form of money.

At the end of the celebration, speeches were made by the following:

  • Eric Nara, the coordinator of the committee of the golden jubilee of the Juvénat.
  • Kambou Olivier, the president of the association des Bureau des Anciens Juvénistes, who expressed his gratitude and emphasised the challenge of mobilisation in order to achieve effective adherence to jubilee projects.
  • Edgar Yameogo, the Provincial Vicar, who read out the message and the greetings of the Provincial Superior and expressed appreciation for the good organisation of the celebration of the opening of the jubilee. He ended his speech by repeating his good wishes for the good mission of our confreres Fr. Pierre and Fr. Paul who have been sent to Austria as a new area for Camillian ministry.