The Transit: the last Days on Earth of St. Camillus de Lellis

camillianiThe Transit is a moving account of the way in which St. Camillus prepared to die, surrounded by his religious and by members of other Orders who had come to pay tribute to him. At the end of his life, as well, there emerged the very great spirituality of this ‘Giant of Charity’ who took his leave of the world praying fervently and providing his religious with his final recommendations. Without forgetting to leave to those who were present, ‘and to the absent and to those of the future’, a thousand blessings.

On 2 July last – exactly four hundred years after St. Camillus received viaticum from the hands of Cardinal Ginnasi – the reading of the Transit was recorded in the Cubiculum, the infirmary where the saint ended his pilgrimage on earth and where the valuable relic of his heart is kept.

The recording will be broadcast by the channel ‘Telepace’ in a special programme on St. Camillus which will include descriptions of the museum, the Chapter Hall and the urn of the saint.

This special programme will be broadcast on Friday 11 July at 20.05; it will be broadcast again on Saturday 12 July at 14.00, on Sunday 13 July at 19.00, and on Monday 14 July (the liturgical memory of St. Camillus) at 20.30.

The Transit will be solemnly commemorated specifically in the place and at the time that St. Camillus died on 14 July 1614. The appointment is at 21.00 at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Campo Marzio in Rome. The celebration will be presided over by Monsignor Zygmunt Zimowski, the President of the Pontifical council for Health Care Workers.

Those who cannot be physically present in the capital for the ending of the fourth centenary, in addition to watching the programmes on TV will be able to celebrate the Transit at the same time with a prayer vigil; the hope is that all the Camillian communities in forty countries of the world will experience together this important moment to commemorate our Founder.

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The Transit: the last Days on Earth of St. Camillus