Update on the situation in Nepal Royce Abraham

IMG_8550Dear All, Best Regards,

Today I met the medical superindent of Gorkha region. They don’t have a list of highly injured locations but they were able to share list of medical camps who had already visited the sites and who are also at present in site. I have shared the list in whatsapp already.

They are ready to allot places for us to set medical camps provided we are ready to move there with health team in a day or within max 2 days. This is because they want to ensure the team who are ready to be given the high medical priority places. They also mentioned that diarrhoea has spread and they need someone to visit the sites soon.

A group of sisters from Congregation of Jesus and Good Sheperd had formed a small medical team of 8 and have already reached one of the site- Swara. This place is below the epicentre. Since they have only few medicines available ( maximum of 3 -4 days) and if they are not able to complete the camp they have asked if we can also visit this place and complete the camp once our team reach. The main advantage if we can visit this place is that once we have completed the camp at Swara we can then move to Barpok the epicentre and even north where none of the camps have not gone yet and casualties are really high. Moving from one place to another in North should be by foot since the road accessibility is not present at the moment. These places (Barpak, larpak) are highly affected and none of the medical camps have gone there.

Caritas India and CTF will have a meeting tomorrow to freeze the location of the medical camps and then will share the same with Caritas Nepal for their confirmation as well.

Documents required to start camp:

  1. Letter requesting permission to visit the affected areas in caritas letter head with details included like name of all the team members and their focus (doctor, nurses, social worker).
  2. List of the medicines which will be used in our camp to ensure that we are carrying the required medicines.

We also need the list to submit to caritas nepal to procure the medicines locally. They need few days to procure the medicines.

To summarise, they need a camp to visit the sites ASAP. Normally the sites will be recommended by the medical super indent but we can also suggest the places where we would like to cover provided no other team has already gone there.


Thank you and have a good evening!

Best Regards,

Royce Abraham