Haiti: not only the earthquake

Dearest Friends,

Our Camillian confreres of Haiti have spoken to us about an increasingly dramatic situation caused not only by the earthquake of 14 August and the disasters provoked by the tempest Grace but also, and above all, by the worsening of violence and rule by armed gangs who by now have taken over and in fact govern the country.

This has not only taken place in the capital – this terrible reality has expanded to other cities as well. In fact, young men join these armed gangs as though it was a normal job. The government is inexistent, the police no longer manage to control the situation, and together with the violence the plague of kidnapping people continues. Indeed, in recent days fifteen American missionaries and two children were kidnapped. Corruption is everywhere. The frontiers are closed and Haitians are trying to flee the country but they are systematically rejected by everyone.

The situation in the streets is difficult. To go out from one’s home is risky, even when going for the most important supplies, such as food, oil or medical products, and the activity of the Foyer Saint Camille continues but things are very difficult. Oxygen supplies are beginning to run out and the coronavirus epidemic is growing.

The two highways that connect the country, one in the north and one in the south, have been blocked for months by brigands and thus it is risky to travel and transport goods because being attacked has become a normal practice.

Our commitment continues unceasingly and thanks to your solidarity we are certain that we will bring relief to very many people who are going through dramatic moments.

Very warm greetings

Father Antonio Menegon


    In record time the construction of the first school in Camp Perrin, a town hit by the earthquake, was both begun and completed. Next December the first pupils will go through the front door. The school will be named after Emilio Lavazza who sponsored the whole of its construction.

In the future there will be the construction of other schools, as well as homes for families left without a roof over their heads.



    The sending of containers to Haiti has continued. Between the end of September and the first days of October three containers left. On 29 October the fourth container will leave with health-care material, nappies and food, offered entirely by SPECCHIO DEI TEMPI (‘Mirror of the Times’).