The new Consulta – 57th General Chapter, May 17 2013

Fr. Renato Salvatore
Superior General

My first hope is that our Order may continue in its fraternal fellowship to testify particularly on the “outskirts of the world” and on the outskirts of the human heart, as it has been said this morning in the hall, that is to witness this charism of mercy, of love for these people.

Fr. Paolo Guarise
Vicar General

I won’t reveal in advance, I just want to say that this Chapter has been like a school work to us, we started to do something. And what did we do? We traced a project called “Camillian Project”. So, I won’t explain what this project really is, but I will remember two key-words of this project: revitalization or “internal map” and restructuring or “external map”. I think these words speak for themselves: we ant to revitalize the Order with a greater inner spiritual life, and then we need to reorganize it to adapt it to modern times and overall to the modern geography of our Order, which is moving a bit from Europe to the emerging countries, towards Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Fr. Hubert Goudjinou
Consultor for the Formation

I’m Hubert Goudjinou, I come fro the Delegation, Vice Province of Benin-Togo and I already was in Italy for a service in the Camillian community of Acireale, Mangano. I was carrying out the service when I was asked to come to work with the Consulta and I think it was a very difficult moment to me in the beginning because I was in a very beautiful community where you really can experience the true joy through beautiful activities serving people with disabilities, AIDS patients and homeless. So cutting off with this reality has been very hard. But I also think it is for the good of the Order and I always offer my service to the whole Order and I believe that it’s very useful. I accepted with joy and I thank all my confreres for this trust and I ask their prayers of each of them because this service could be for the greater glory of God and the expansion of the Camillian charism. Thanks.

Fr. Alberto Marques
Consultor for the Ministry

I’m happy to be abel to participate to this Chapter that brought me so much hope, hope for a change of mind. This is the main thing. A changing mentality, that’s important to me and to all the Order in tho moment we’re living. I’m happy and I thank God and all the confreres for their trust. I want to do this work with joy and enthusiasm. Thanks.