Fr. Angelo Brusco – 57th General Chapter, May 15 2013


I’m one of the oldest members of the Chapter and I’ve got a particular experience, I’d say, in the Camillian Institute, having been Superior General for 12 years, so I had the opportunity to visit all the communities of the Order scattered in the 35-37 countries, furthermore I also spent 10 years in Canada and two in the United States, so my vision of the Order I’d say that it’s quite wide and also deep and it allowed me to know the beauty and also the problems of our Order. Nowadays, after finishing a 12-year term as Superior General, I came back to my Province which is the Lombardo-Veneta and I came back to my old task, which I liked very much, the task of teaching. I manage the Camillian Centre for the Formation, which offers a rich program, varied, among pastoral theology, psychology and spirituality in Verona. Then I teach in some academic institutes, I’ve taught until this year at the Camillianum for 25 years, from the beginning until now pastoral counseling, group animation and then I teach courses in Verona at the Theological Institute (San Zeno) and at the Faculty of Theology in Padova.


I’m gladly participating to this Chapter, actively I’d rather say, also relying on the experience that I’ve accumulated during this year. The Chapter is progressing well, there are this regular skirmishes when voting, but this is part of democraty and I believe that this won’t erode our fraternity because once the Superior General and the Consultor have been elected, everybody agrees to get a consensus which then allows the good continuation of the activities.


I’ve been in favor of the re-election because I think this allows him to complete many projects that he started together with his Consultors and partially achieved during the last 6 years and I’m glad also for the Vicar General, who was my student when I was Rector of the Seminary. He’s a capable person, spiritual, he speaks 4 languages and he’s active, even though he seems so quite and calmer, he’s very active.

I wanted to say just a word about what I expect from this Chapter: it’s not so great news… first of all that there would be fraternity between us and, let’s say, the desire to accomplish what it will be worded in the comment to the Constitutions and also in the Camillian Project, because it’s easy to write a document, but it’s harder to put into practice and I ask Saint Camillus, to the Lord through the intercession of St. Camillus, to make it happen.