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We inform you that the live streaming by the General Chapter was moved,  technical issues not attributable to us, will be broadcast on a delayed basis. Will notify you as soon as the hour. We apologize for the inconvenience

After spending the morning at the Mother House of the Order, named after St. Mary Magdalene, the religious of the General Chapter and the people entrusted with the auxiliary services (secretariat, translations, liturgical animation) returned to Ariccia, to the ‘Casa

Starting on Monday 6 May, when accessing the page it will be possible to listen to a communiqué that summarises the minutes of the deliberations of the previous day of the General Chapter. The video will be broadcast every

[To watch the pictures click on Centro Documentale-Area multimediale or just click here] After the retreat animated by Fr. B. Secondin – the aim of which was to understand the role of prophetic guidance by the members of the General

THE CAMILLIAN PROJECT Prayer Our Father, the author of life and source of Love, In this time of grace and renewal, Turn your gaze on us, Members of the Family of the Ministers of the Sick, Founded by Camillus de